The following list contains a few of the many services Callahan’s Lawn Care offers. For a full list contact us at or by using the Contact Us form.

Spring and Summer Services

Spring/Fall Clean Up

fall leavesThe spring clean up is an important step in keeping your yard looking it s best year round. After the winter, your yard will likely have leaves, branches, and a wide assortment of materials that cause your property to look bad. During the early spring, we meticulously comb your property in preparation of the up-coming landscape season. By removing all unwanted materials that have accumulated throughout the winter months, we can give your winter-weathered landscape a fresh look.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

lawn and gardenWeekly landscape maintenance is available to both residential and commercial clients. Our crews are capable of handling accounts from small, single home residents to large condominium developments. In addition to maintaining lawns, we also provide landscape bed maintenance. We can establish a personal maintenance program that meets your properties requirements so your landscape will always have a clean, professional look. Our team gets acquainted with each individual account to ensure that the property owner’s requirements are met.

Core Aeration

lawn aerationOver the time, your top layer of soil under your lawn slowly loses it nutrients, and may become tightly compacted. This compaction prevents replacement of the nutrients, proper absorption of water, and the ability of your grass to grow a proper root system. In addition, newer homes often have very little topsoil due to popular building practices. Often developers will scrape away the topsoil layer before they begin building houses. They then sell the soil to companies that bag it up and sell it back to you at your local nursery store. This leaves you with compacted clay, which is very poor soil for growing a lawn.

So what can be done? Core Aeration is a process in which plugs of earth are pulled from your lawn. This loosens up the soil under your grass, allowing nutrients and organic matter to penetrate deep into the ground. It also improves water absorption, and gives the roots of your lawn room to grow. The plugs of earth are left on top of your lawn, where they slowly break down and wash back into the soil. This process also helps to loosen up compacted clay under newer lawns, letting nutrients and organic matter penetrate the clay. Over time, the organic matter will improve the soil and help your lawn grow properly.

Hedge Trimming

hedge trimmingWe trim all types of hedges, big, small, round, square, pillars, globes, etc. Regular trimming and pruning of your hedge or shrubs keeps them in control, healthy and looking nice. We will remove and dispose all cutting remains after each job, to ensure that your property and garden is left clean and tidy as they would be.

Gutter Cleaning

Rain Gutter full of leavesWe will clean all of the debris off out of your gutters, and we will also check each downspout to make sure that they are connected and free-flowing. We will remove and dispose of all the debris that will inevitably fall out of your gutters. Walkways, patios, and driveways will be rinsed and cleaned to ensure that your property and garden is left clean and tidy.


Power Raking / DeThatching

Rain Gutter full of leavesOver the years, your lawn builds up a layer of dead grass that lies in between the soil and your grass. This layer is called Thatch. Normally, this layer serves to retain moisture in the soil, and as it breaks down, it provides essential nutrients to your lawn to keep it green and growing. However, if this layer builds up to be too dense, it can choke out your lawn, killing the grass. You may notice your lawn does not grow as well as it used to, or it isn’t as green as it used to be. Slow growth and dead yellow patches throughout your lawn are symptoms of a dense thatch problem. What to do? By dethatching, or power raking, you stop that dense layer from choking out your lawn, giving your grass the room it needs to grow, and allowing the essential nutrients to reach the soil where it can feed your grass. Dethatching, when done properly, also helps to control those nasty weeds that always seem to pop up in your yard. With our dethatching equipment, Callahan’s Lawncare can perform this necessary task for you and restore your lawn’s vitality.

Dethatching is most effective when done in the spring or fall of the year. In the Spring, you get rid of the thatch and weeds before your grass starts to grow, giving your lawn a head start. In the Fall you eliminate the thatch, weeds and dead grass that have built up in your lawn over the past season before you put it to bed for the winter. When coupled with seeding, dethatching can be a quick, easy way to give your lawn a makeover without ripping the whole thing up and starting from scratch!

Please Note: It is VERY IMPORTANT to water your lawn after the dethatching and seeding has been completed! At least 15 minutes daily, either early morning or early evening. Grass seed cannot and will not grow without proper watering!

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