Landscaping Services

The following list contains a few of the many services Callahan’s Lawn Care offers. For a full list contact us at or by using the Contact Us form.


Rain Gutter full of leavesYour landscape is the face for your property for your business or your home. It evokes a mood and makes a statement-using shape and color, foliage and flowers, water and stone to welcome visitors. Thoughtful landscape design and planning will increase the aesthetic quality of your property, add to its value and usability, and decrease home energy costs by controlling solar gain and ventilation. My design goal is to help you plan, plant and grow a successful, low maintenance landscape with only positive effects on our environment. Our services include complete installation of landscape plants, trees, shrubs, mulching, sodded lawns, and/or seeded grasses. We also design and build patios and walls In addition to hardscapes, we also design and install outdoor water features, outdoor sprinkler/irrigation systems, and outdoor lighting. A well designed and properly installed landscape will provide years of enjoyment, visual interest and increased property value.


new home 122Fences can have much more purpose in landscape design than just boundaries. Fencing frames a landscape, plays an important role in landscape design, and provides a finished look while providing privacy, a decor focal point, noise and vision screening, and/or be a divider. As dividers or screens in landscape design, fences can be use to simply hang decor that matches your garden theme, or be used to create a secluded “room” in an, otherwise, unused space. We can install just about any type of fencing from wood, cedar, chain link, or vinyl, and we can remove your old fencing.

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